JMD P1 active 4 port splitter

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JMD P1 active 4 port splitter

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Made a 4 port active P1 splitter

This splitter makes from 1 P1 port 4 new isolated P1 ports.
All ports are isolated from each other.
Data from the P1 port send to all 4 port at the same time.

Great for more loggers on the same port.
It's possible to connect more P1 splitters on the first splitter.
  • Size: 45x75x28 mm
    1 P1 port in.
    4x isolated P1port out.
    USB-C 5V DC for optional power use.
    Useful on all DSRM meters.
    2 and 3 with external power supply (1A 5V DC).
    DSRM 4 if total power exceeds 100mA and DSRM 5 if total power exceeds 250mA then you need a external power supply (1A 5V DC).
    Own use: 22 mA on 5VDC ~0.11Watt.
    Delivered with one 1m RJ12 cable
Can be mounted on the wall with 1 or 2 screws.

Price: €22.50 including shipment (letterbox post) within NL.

Warranty 2 years.

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For some that want to build themself!
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