JMD P1 Wireless Reader + 2 Port Active Splitter

New design P1 smart reader, P1 meter Info
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JMD P1 Wireless Reader + 2 Port Active Splitter

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New design: JMD P1 Wireless Reader + 2 Port Active Splitter

This device is working with ESP Easy / ESP Home etc.
It has on every port a schmitt-trigger so the signals are always correct
Works even direct on a ZIV meter DSMR 5 meter without external power supply.

It's software compatible with Zuidwijk reader plus.

Based on ESP8266

  • P1 input for your P1 Meter
  • 2x P1 Out to connect Charging station or any other P1 device
  • USB-C Power & Program connector
Case: Black ABS Plastic
Size: 75 x 45 x 28 mm
Can be mounted on the wall with 1 or 2 screws.
Power usage ~110mA
Output voltage is always 5V.
If you total power is more then your P1 meter delivers you have to use a external 5V USB-C power supply

RJ12 output ports are active and isolated and respond as P1 meter.
The output is useful for your charging station.

Default port: 23
Default baudrate : 115200 8 bits 1 Stop Bit no Parity

Configuration files:
config.dat 115200 file
config.dat 9600 file (DSRM2.2)

Compatible with:
  • Domoticz
  • Home Assistant
  • ESP Home
EAN: 6150628994916 / ESP Easy loaded
EAN: 6150631666602 / ESP Home loaded

Connecting_ESP (pdf)

Add to Domoticz (pdf)

Add to Home Assistant (pdf)

Delivered with ~50cm RJ12 cable

Price: €30.00
Optional a Samsung 2A Power adapter & Cable + €7.50 excl. vat

Order and Info
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