JMD 100m P1 port extender with active splitter

P1 Splitter makes from one P1 port more ports to use
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JMD 100m P1 port extender with active splitter

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JMD 4 port Splitter Plus and JMD 4 Port Splitter Plus Slave.

You can read your P1 signal up to 100m with these 2 Splitters with a normal Cat5e network cable.

I tested with 100m Digitus CAT 5e SF/UTP, with a RJ45 connector on both site.

So you can up to 4 Charging station connected on the Slave.

Not tested with CCA cables, i don't use these.

You get delivered:
JMD 4 Port Active Splitter Plus.
JMD 4 Port Active Splitter Plus Slave.
2x 5V Adapters with cable
2x 10cm P1 cables.
2x RJ45 couplers.

Temperature range -25 to +85 deg. Non condensing.

Do not connect the slave to your P1 meter, It can damage your P1 meter.

Price set: €75.00 excluding postage.

If you have already a JMD 4 Port Active Splitter (Plus) and want the Slave.

Send a mail for what you need.

You can order to mail

Guaranty 5 years

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